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If you couldn't tell yet, the project has obviously fallen to the wayside. In addition, Timko Technologies, LLC closed their doors in 2010. That said, all projects owned by Timko Tech are now mine (obviously as the owner and sole-investor). This project is getting a complete redo, but details will be extremely limited until a later date after I have a stable version I actually wish to share. Note that the milestones that were written up here once before will be used again, but with a few changes (i.e. no hardcoded IRCs). I will attempt to update this as time progresses.

Project Description

InstantIRC is an IRC Client that is designed for static IRC usage so the common person who doesn't have a firm grasp of IRC clients and how to use them can immediately jump into the action. InstantIRC is written in C# .NET 3.5 This is completely open source and you are free to modify and redistribute the application, but original copyright's must remain in the application (i.e. the about screen can only have things added, nothing may be removed or made "invisible").

Milestone 1 (in progress)
  • Basic output format
  • Basic user list
  • Basic Nick creation and connection

Milestone 2 (not started)
  • Basic settings and control
  • Basic server administration abilities
  • User List options
  • Multiple Channel Support

Milestone 3 (not started)
  • Multiple Server Support
  • Advanced Server Admin Abilities
  • Advanced User List
  • Advanced Output Format
  • Advanced Nick Creation & Connection

Beta (not started)
  • Polished User Interface
  • Bug Fixes

If you would like to suggest a feature to this project, please do so. We will try to get it added if we find it necessary

Developed by Timko Technologies, L.L.C.

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